Franklin County Children's Task Force


work at the Franklin County Children's Task Force implementing the various programs and
special events that the Task Force sponsors.  By clicking on the link below an email can be sent
to the person or they can be reached at 207 778-6960.

heart Staff at our special events .....

Our Staff..... 
Renee Whitley                                            Milissa Cousins

Executive Director                                       Office Manager                             

Deb McGrane                                                  
Maine Families Home Visitor Team Leader

Leigh Welch                                                  Cheryl Martin
Maine Families Home Visitor                          Maine Families Home Visitor                                      

Amanda Hitlon                                              Holly Harrington
Maine Families Home Visitor                          Maine Families Home Visitor                                     

Tammie Black                                               Jessica Roberts                         Maine Families Home Visitor                          Maine Families Home Visitor                                                        
Doug Saunders                                                     
Education Coordinator                                                               

Rileigh Blanchet
Prevention Educator/Office Assistant

Thomas Desjardins
21st Century Kids of F.R.A.N.L.I.N. Program Coordinator