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When we strengthen families, we ultimately strengthen the community. Our goal is that parents everywhere work with supportive providers, feel confident in their parenting role, and form strong, resilient attachments with their children. To help achieve this, providers must be responsive to parents, knowledgeable about child development, and eager to see every parent succeed.

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If you are expecting a new baby or have a baby less than three months old, the home visiting services may help you to:
  • care for your baby and yourselves
  • understand changes as your baby develops
  • use community resources
  • calm a crying baby
  • create a safe environment for your baby
  • seek medical care when needed
  • understand your child's needs
How does the program work?
A home visitor meets with you in your home to talk with you about your interests and needs as parents.  During the first meeting, the parent educator talks about what services will be available to you.  If you decide to become part of the home visitation program, you may be offered books, educational materials, videos and other tools that may be borrowed for use with your child and family.
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